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I spent $100k rebuilding my mind, body, and inner-self through a series of uncommon experiences that completely transformed my life. This is what I’ve learned.

Mental Wellness

The case for a new era of mental health treatments

Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash

Mental Wellness

How one DNA test identified a key source of my depression (and what I did about it)

Photo by NCI on Unsplash

Mental Wellness

5 Steps To Psychological Freedom

Open Mind, Mental Freedom by Mr TT on Unsplash

Tools & Exercise

The power of supplemental breathwork in altering your state of mind

Lungs by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

Unique life lessons from an unlikely hero

The ultimate hero, Super Mario by Cláudio Luiz Castro on Unsplash

How I learned to conquer my neurosis by microdosing magic mushrooms

Mushrooms sprouting from moss on the forest floor by Tina Kuper on Unsplash

One of those complexities being neurosis.

Tools & Exercises

A Science-Backed Morning Routine For Extremely Balanced Productivity

Taking in the morning sun, part of the primal morning routine Alif Ngoylung on Unsplash

Two bored monkeys sick of all the stupid small talk by Sepp Rutz on Unsplash

How Asking Better Questions Improves Our Relationships, Betters Our Mindset & Enhances Our Work

4 improv techniques to seize the present moment

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