Here’s a crazy thought: What if we could turn a dial to increase happiness?

How I use vibrational frequency to become happier, healthier and more connected

What if being abundantly healthy and happy was as simple as changing the radio station dial until you found the right frequency, just like you would the radio in your car?

Well, it might actually be that easy…

I’ve been playing around with some new cognitive tools and doing some research on how various meditation and breath work techniques improve psychological health and I landed on a relatively new idea called “ String Theory” that claims (in summation) that everything, including the earth itself, has a frequency like a radio and that the entire material universe is at its most basic functioning level surrounded by an infinite number of tiny vibrations forming to create our multiverse or a unified symphony of being (or a kick ass universal Spotify playlist).

Ok, so if that is true and everything is just small vibrational frequencies part of a larger vibrational pull, then can we manipulate this in some way? Can we turn the dial to change the vibration?

I think so…

Visualize for a moment: You’re sitting in front of a radio, an old school box radio. It is plugged into your wall and is omitting a loud static noise, it hasn’t quite found the rhythm yet. You want to hear some music, so you turn the dial. Every crank of the dial adjusts the frequency of the radio to match the frequency of a radio tower close by so that you can channel music into your music box. You crank and crank, adjusting the vibration until you find that rhythm, then you can dance!

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Now if everything, including thoughts, feelings and emotions were just vibrations, can’t we manually crank the dial to find the vibration that makes us happy, healthy, abundant, free, etc. etc.? You see, happiness, health, abundance and freedom all exist as simple vibrations. You’ve felt all of this before, they come and go and leave low vibrational frequencies in their place (depression, sadness, anger, etc.), but if you could change your vibration couldn’t you change the way you feel? Much faster and more effective than some blinding SSRI that masks the truth?

I know so…

Here’s how I came to all of this (with help from some very amazing resources, and awesome friends with killer knowledge to help me understand this better)…

There are four forces of nature in physics, strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism and gravity. One of the main objectives in physics is figuring out how and if, these forces work together. String Theory is the latest, most prevalent and controversial among the theories. String Theory asserts that the universe is not the sum total of minuscule particles but rather tiny vibrating strings. Science hasn’t universally accepted String Theory because that would mean we would need to alter the way we see the universe at its base level; made up of an infinite collection of sounds.

Whether science has bought in completely or not, I have. You want to know why? Because doesn’t that sound like way more fucking fun? Our universe is the ultimate dance party!

Since the discovery of String Theory, the Earth is no longer just a ball of matter it’s now seen as energy in motion. Our Earth is a living organism that has a pulse or heartbeat that resonates at, 7.83Hz, otherwise known as the Schumann Resonance. This electromagnetic resonance occurs between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere and naturally fluctuates from 7.83hz (lowest) to 30hz (highest).

How The Schumann Resonance Affects Our Ability To Tune In

The human mind, or more specifically, your alpha wave rhythms, run at a similar frequency to that of the Earth. A coincidence? What this suggests is that there is a correlation between humans and Schumann Resonance, science is beginning to theorize that humans may rely on the Earth for more than we realize. That we also require geomagnetic resonance to maintain robust health. Current research suggests that if the Schumann Resonance fluctuates outside 7.83hz that we see resonant changes to blood pressure, mental states (depression, stress) and immune system difficulties.

Alright, now let’s take it a little bit further on the spiritual side and put all this together…

The chakras, which act as energy centres within the human body can be looked at as antennas or conduits for receiving the multiverses broadcasted information (or vibrational energy). This information can be physical, emotional or mental. The chakras align and misalign without you even knowing it. If you don’t have a spiritual practice that is fine, there are other ways to get things back on track, but it is clear to me that beating depression, manifesting abundance or becoming healthier lies within your ability to change your vibrational frequency.

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It’s relatively easy to become out-of-line with the Earth’s frequency while living in the technology era. Power grids and telecommunications produce competing electromagnetic fields; all of which operate outside of the Schumann Resonance — making it harder to remain tuned in to the right channel. Package that up with a job that you hate, a relationship that isn’t going anywhere and a lack of stimulating purpose and you basically have a radio that can only emanate the loud, static, annoying noise.

So, if you want to tune in to the right station to improve your health or manifest something new in your life, how do you change the dial?

Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life

Humans are many things, but being in tune with the Earth’s pulse is not exactly something you’ll find glossing the cover of most health and wellness magazines. But here’s the thing, as scientists continue their quest to understand the world and all the things in it, our collective knowledge basin grows and morphs with each discovery.

Whether you believe in this or not, at the most basic level it is a cool thought to have. Consider some of the craziest things we’ve believed in (flat earthers, I’m looking at you.) Sailors at one point feared going over the edge of the world. Theories such as the popular String Theory emerge, testing our willingness to adapt and see things from a different perspective. And discoveries like the Schumann Resonance help improve our understanding of the human experience. Over time we break things down, discover more and find truth. My truth in all of this is that if you figure out how to tune in, you can change the music of your life. Here are some tools I’ve tested to make this happen for me…

Sound Healing

If humans are in concert with the Earth’s resonance or pulse, this synchrony plays a vital role in improving your health. Our ancestors practiced healing by going into a trance by changing their frequency to mirror the Earth’s pulse via shamanic drumming or ‘OM’ chanting. They realized the benefit of sound healing, which uses tones to heal disharmony within the body. Health in terms of sound healing is when all parts of your body vibrate at a normal frequency. While ‘disease’ occurs when a part of the body (organ, muscles) breaks its normal resonance. So, to encourage health, healing and happiness, you want to listen to music that keeps your body healthy.

If you want to put sound to work for you, the Schumann Resonance resonates best with 432Hz. Listening to music at this frequency synchronizes you with the Earth, it’s easier on your ears and will help release emotional blockages as well as encourage wellbeing. It also exercises your heart chakra. However, since the mid-1900’s the radio broadcasts at 440Hz and is disharmonious with nature and ourselves so limit your audial consumption. Or balance it by listening to songs that play at this body and Earth loving frequency of 432Hz.

Solfeggio Frequencies And Healing

Another offshoot of sound healing is the forgotten Solfeggio Frequencies an ancient tuning method. It’s since been replaced by a more modern variety that does nothing for your health. The Solfeggio Frequencies are a 6-tone sacred scale best exemplified by The Gregorian Chants. The idea is that each note has its own unique frequency that balances and keeps your body in perfect harmony. Each note can help you overcome different emotional blockages, so it can be useful to listen to music within a scale if you find yourself in a rut. Here is the scale and what each frequency can help with.

  • 396Hz — overcoming fear and guilt
  • 417Hz — change and undoing situations
  • 528Hz — transformation and DNA repair
  • 639Hz — relationships and connectivity
  • 741Hz — problem-solving and expression
  • 852Hz — spiritual order

Tune into these scales by finding healing songs that promote whichever healing you require to restore your health.

Other Ways

Should you become overcome with the urge to escape to the wilderness, trust your instincts as this may be an indication that your body is out of resonance. To reconnect with nature then get outside and ideally go barefoot for 10–15 minutes a day and feel the natural world’s pulse to help restore and rejuvenate you.

Balance your chakras as they are transduction points where energy can collect, and if one falls out of alignment, this can lead to disharmony. Using chakra sounds is a useful tool to keep them balanced.

Don’t overlook the power of mantras or affirmations. Thoughts are powerful. If we tell ourselves we are terrible at math; we embody that criticism and use this as an excuse not to try. Sometimes, our genetics can also affect our frequency. For instance, if you come from a long line of worriers, you’re more inclined to worry yourself, so break the cycle by going deep on where that comes from and find some real truth in it by using affirmations (and other false belief exercises).

Yoga, sensory deprivation tanks, mindful meditation and journalling can all help aid in releasing negative vibrations and help you get back to normal frequency. A simple Google search on any of those topics will uncover something close to you. Check out Spotify of YouTube for different frequency playlists as well.

Dial In & Pay Attention

If you want to live your life in harmony with nature, rather than against the natural order of things, understanding String Theory and Schumann Resonance can help you tune into the right frequency. Given that the earth resonates at 7.83Hz, similar to our natural alpha brainwaves, it shouldn’t be that hard to dial into the energy of the earth and pull out the energy we need in certain times of struggle.

Focusing on your vibrational frequency can not only help you get out of a rut when you’re feeling down and out, but if you prioritize it as a regular habitual tool, it can also help you run at a more optimized state, keeping you thriving instead of surviving, allowing you to tap into achievements you’ve been longing for much faster.

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